Saint's Gum- Anti Profanity Campaign

A fun anti - profanity campaign .. Chew'em, Don't Spew'em

Pack Shot
Inner Strips

Crossword India’s largest chain of bookstores was looking for innovative ways to attract young readers.
To this end, they created a program to persuade youngsters to stop swearing.
Most youngsters use profanity casually, without actually understanding how using such words
could effect people around them. The challenge was to convince them, without  preaching to them,
to abstain from using cuss words without giving it a thought. 

Get our TA in the ‘chew them, not spew them’ mode. To bring alive the idea we manufactured
special gum strips with profane words punched into them. These strips of gum were handed out
freely near schools, colleges, discotheques, and other places.

We got all sorts of reaction positive and negative, but evetually we got the media attention 
we wanted and there was increase in young readership across stores city wide.

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